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Vespa unveils 2018 scooters, new series

Vespa revealed a trio of new 2018 scooters, including the Primavera, Sprint and the new special series —the Yacht Club. 


Vespa Primavera celebrates its fabulous first 50 years. In fact, the first version of what would become a timeless classic arrived on the market in 1968 and was a revolution: small, nimble, propelled by a perky engine, Primavera gave free flight to several generations and remained in continuous production until 1982. It became a legendary model, but also one of the most spectacular commercial successes in Vespa’s history.

Today Vespa Primavera embodies all the values ​​that, half a century ago, made it successful. Young, innovative, technologically avant-garde, agile and dynamic, and environmentally friendly, Vespa Primavera is a modern bike, inheriting the freshness and joie de vivre of its progenitor.

Vespa Primavera

For the 2018 Vespa Primavera there is added improvement with a series of updates that enhance comfort, safety and renew their style. The most important news comes from the size of the wheel rims: 12 inches, made of aluminium alloy and with a new five-spoke design, they are the largest in Vespa’s history. This provides greater stability, improved safety, and better holding on all surfaces and in all road conditions. The LED lighting technology, now adopted for both the front headlight and the rear light, boost active safety. The Bike Finder and the seat remote control are standard.

Vespa Primavera benefits from further operations that renew its line, thus distinguishing it from previous versions. What are new are the distinctive “tie” featured on the front and the chrome crest on the front mudguard. The new Vespa Primavera is available with the 50 cc, 125 cc and 150 cc engine displacements, latest generation four-stroke engines with high performance and contained fuel consumption.

The Vespa Spring, the youngest and sportiest of the bunch, features more comfort, added safety and a new style for 2018.

Enriched by the most advanced technical features and designed to achieve the highest levels of stability and handling, Vespa Sprint came to life under the banner of riding pleasure, to translate everyday travel into fun.

Vespa Sprint

Staring in the mid 1960s, a new generation of sports Vespas invaded the European roads. They were small, quick, extremely agile and modern, like the mentality of the young people who rode them. Vespa Sprint is the direct heir to legendary models such as the SS 90 or the Primavera ET3, symbols of Vespa’s historic vocation for brilliance. The new Sprint and Sprint S are designed to combine freshness of style and sportiness with state-of-the-art technology.

Vespa Sprint is heir to a tradition of vitality and youth. It is conceived as an evolution of the Vespa Primavera design and addresses youths of all ages emphasising the sporty styles evoked by its name, legendary by birthright. Vespa Sprint counts on a small and light body, comfortable and protecting, made entirely of steel. It is characterised by very youthful lines, emphasised by a gritty rectangular headlight and is remarkable for its large 12″ wheels, with spectacular aluminium alloy rims.

The 2018 Vespa Sprint receives a number of stylistic and technical evolutions. The LED lighting technology, now adopted for both the front headlight and the rear light, boost active safety. The Bike Finder and the seat remote control are standard.

Also new is the “tie” featured on the front, an addition that brings the Vespa Sprint line up to date, thus distinguishing it from previous versions.

Vespa Yacht Club

The elegant Italian style typical of Vespa encounters the fascinating world of yachting and sailing: this pairing of elegance and finesse is the wellspring of the new special series Vespa Primavera Yacht Club and Vespa GTS Yacht Club, developed using the technical specifications of the latest small and large frame Vespas.

Vespa Primavera Yacht Club, available in 50 and 125 cc versions, and Vespa GTS Yacht Club, available in 125 and 300 cc versions, stand out for their white colour, embellished with numerous blue details. These include, besides the special graphics on the chassis, the rims, varnished an opaque blue with a special diamond finish, the “tie” on the front shield, also opaque blue with chrome ornaments, and the rubber inserts on the floorboard.

But the distinctive element of the Yacht Club special series is without a doubt the saddle, featuring a never-before-seen motif with white and blue stripes inspired by traditional, authentic sailing décor. It’s the first time in Vespa history that a saddle takes on such an innovative look.

The white edge that runs around the perimeter of the saddle and the plate with the Yacht Club logo placed on the rear shield complete the personalisation and highlight the attention given to even minute details.

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