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Motor Trike acquires Hoppe Industries

Motor Trike has announced that it acquired Hoppe Industries in January. Motor Trike, which has been manufacturing conversions that transform two-wheeled motorcycles into three-wheeled trikes for over 23 years, plans to continue to sell Hoppe products will continue to be sold under the Hoppe name. It will be a subsidiary of Motor Trike, with all production relocated from Kenosha, Wisconsin to Troup, Texas. 

For years, Hoppe Industries has manufactured award-winning motorcycle accessories made in the U.S. The product catalog has included an array of motorcycle fairings, windshields, trim, audio accessories and more. Continuing the tradition of quality founded by John Hoppe, Hoppe products will now have the added value of both Motor Trike engineering and customer service.

“We plan to keep Motor Trike and our dealers on the leading edge of the industry,” said Motor Trike’s J.D. Vey. “Hoppe Industries fits perfectly with our goals as a company in the next few years, both operationally and product development-wise.”

Motor Trike has plans to revamp the Hoppe brand online through its website and social media. Additionally, the company plans to update the existing product line and add more Hoppe accessories in the future.

At this time, Hoppe products may be ordered through the Hoppe retail site, as well as through both Authorized Motor Trike Dealers and Drag Specialties and Parts Unlimited. 

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