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Parts Unlimited, Drag Specialties Dealer Training Tour sites revealed for 2018

Parts Unlimited and Drag Specialties have announced their three Dealer Training Tour schedules for 2018. The Drag Specialties Training Tour, the Parts Unlimited Training Tour for Street & Off-Road and the Parts Unlimited Tour for Helmet & Apparel will make stops at 70 different locations. Dealers should contact their Parts/Drag rep for more details. The tour stops are as follows:


Parts Unlimited Street & Off-Road Dealer Training Tour

February 2018

20-Hileah, FL

21-Tampa, FL

22-Jacksonville, FL

27-Atlanta, GA

28-Charlotte, NC


March 2018


1-Asheville, NC

6-Nashville, TN

7-Evansville, IN

8-Memphis, TN

13-Dallas, TX

14-Houston, TX

15-New Braunfels, TX

20-Phoenix, AZ

21-Anaheim, CA

22-Van Nuys, CA

27-San Jose, CA

28-Sacramento, CA

29-Reno, NV


April 2019

10-Omaha, NE

11-Des Moines, IA

12-Minneapolis, MN

17-Pewaukee, WI

18-South Bend, IN

19-Lansing, MI

24-Pittsburgh, PA

25-King of Prussia, PA

26-Albany, NY


Parts Unlimited Helmet & Apparel Dealer Training Tour

February 2018

13-Santa Clara/San Jose, CA

13-Albany, NY

15-Vallejo, CA

15-Boston, MA (Auburndale)

20-Portland, OR

20-Secaucus, NJ

22-Seattle, WA

22-King of Prussia, PA

27-Denver, CO  

27-Cleveland, OH


March 2018

1-Omaha, NE

1-Columbus, OH

6-Des Moines, IA

6-Grand Rapids, MI

8-Minneapolis, MN

8-Detroit, MI

13-Cincinnati, OH

13-Madison, WI

15-St. Louis, MO

15-Pewaukee, WI


Drag Specialties Dealer Training Tour

March 2018

27-Houston, TX

29-New Braunfels, TX


April 2018

10-Los Angeles, CA

12-San Francisco, CA

24-Portland, OR

26-Seattle, WA


May 2018

8-Baltimore, MD

10-King of Prussia, PA

22-Marlborough, MA

24-Albany, NY


June 2018

5-Batavia, NY

7-Pittsburgh, PA

26-Louisville, KY

28-Chicago, IL


July 2018

10-Appleton, WI

12-Minneapolis, MN

24-Kansas City, MO

26-St. Louis, MO


September 2018

11-Nashville, TN

13-Knoxville, TN

25-Concord, NC

27-Atlanta, GA


October 2018

9-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

11-Tampa, FL


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