Cobra Moto introduces 2018 competition line, updates

Cobra Moto has introduced its 2018 competition minicycle line, expanding the "Cobra Generation" to include the 2018 CX50P3, CX50JR and King 50 models.

“The challenge each year at Cobra is, quite literally, to improve upon what’s already winning,” said Sean Hilbert, president of Cobra Moto. “For 2018 we believe we’ve done that, with an array of improvements and industry partnerships that we’re confident will keep the Cobra Moto brand again atop local, regional and national amateur motocross podiums.”

Cobra Moto CX65

Updates for 2018 CX50P3 and CX50JR

CARD front and rear brake systems

The days of adapting bicycle brakes are over! All Cobra 50s now come equipped with purpose-built and designed minicycle brakes that will help take performance to the next level. The all-new CARD front and rear brake systems have better feel, more stopping power and are easier to maintain. Furthermore, the front brake comes standard with a break-away lever, and there is adjustability and a choice of levers to fit every size of hand.

Lightweight wheels

The evolution of our class-leading ‘mag’ wheels continues with reduced weight and all-new super lightweight and cool looking brake discs. To wrap up this awesome package, the engineering geeks at Cobra also replaced all steel wheel bearing spacers with hard anodized 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum units to save a few more grams of un-sprung/rotating mass. Lightweight, ZERO maintenance, and great looking. Lighter wheels mean less rotating and un-sprung mass, which translates into improved acceleration, handling and flight control.

Billet triple clamps with adjustable bar mounts

Both little 50cc models receive an all-new top triple clamp this year for increased steering clearance and a roomier rider compartment. Works-level hardware on a junior scale bike.

Dunlop Geomax MX3S intermediate-terrain tires

The 3S has proven itself to be the ultimate minicycle tire over the past few years, so of course Cobra will offer it as standard equipment. No corners cut here.

Venom series engine

Both the P3 and JR are powered by Cobra’s Venom Series 50cc powerplant. This motor flat out rips! Cobra engineers designed a ‘no-compromise’ torque curve featuring massive amounts of low-end torque for launching off the gate and out of corners. This, in addition to Cobra’s classic over-rev that provides that ‘2nd gear’ for wide open situations, creates a little beast that offers more power, more torque, less weight and a smaller, lighter package.

Micro handle bars

Cobra is proud to offer Pro-Taper’s innovative Micro Handlebars across our 50cc lineup. These bars will revolutionize the way that young riders control their motorcycles by offering a reduced diameter grip area that inspires confidence and reduces fatigue.

Bel-Ray Factory fill

Cobra and Bel-Ray, two proud American companies with a long history in motocross, have teamed up to ensure that each Cobra model comes from the factory with the finest in lubricants and chemicals. This includes everything from wheel bearing grease, to brake fluid, to suspension fluid, to the oil on the air filter.

5Gx freewheeling clutch

Precision engagement, durable, freewheels for increased corner speed and easier starting.

2018 King 50

The 2018 Loretta Lynn’s National Championship will mark the 25th anniversary of Cobra, and the King 50 was the bike that kicked it all off. In addition to the improvement listed under the CX50P3 and CX50JR, the 2018 King 50 also includes:

Revolutionary MXT “Smart Leg” front fork

Cobra’s exclusive 32mm USD CARD cartridge fork is the finest fork in minicycle racing. The Smart architecture simultaneously provides supple action over small bumps and progressive control through the biggest of hits - feature especially important for minicycles that run on tracks torn up by bikes twice their size. This fork also features fully adjustable rebound and compression damping and bottoming control adjustment not found on any other fork of any size.

Class-leading Twin Spar high-strength low-alloy oval tube frame

Super-strong, outstanding lateral strength with just the right amount of torsional rigidity.

Billet triple clamps with adjustable bar mounts

Works level hardware on a junior scale bike.

Off-plane tuned expansion chamber

Packages tight and features a D-shaped header for minimal flow losses.

Cobra Moto CX50FWE

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