Hisun finding 2-up ATV market growth

Load capacity, storage space attractive options

Hisun Motors’ 2-up ATVs have been called the best ATVs of their type for the price by many dealers who sell competing brands. For the 2017 model year, dealers are retailing a complete 2-up lineup of the Tactic 450 ($5,999.99), Tactic 550 ($6,699.99), Tactic 750 ($7,599.99) and Tactic 1000 ($9,999.99). The 2016 model year includes an 800cc model.

Hisun Motors, with U.S. headquarters in McKinney, Texas, continues to see strong sales of its 2-up ATV models despite a growing — and competitive — marketplace that includes 2-up offerings from Polaris, Can-Am, CFMOTO, Arctic Cat and ODES.

Powersports Business editor in chief Dave McMahon talked with Larry Vandiver, national sales manager at Hisun Motors Corp., U.S.A., about the 2-up marketplace.

The 2017 Tactic 1000 2-up model from Hisun is capable at work or play.

Powersports Business: I would imagine that the price point of 2-up ATVs make them attractive to Hisun customers, right?

Larry Vandiver: After comparing the sales and prices in 2015 and 2016 of single-seat ATVs against 2-up seating, we discovered that the 2-up was closely priced to the single. Given the additional features, it made a better value for the customer.

PSB: What are some of the benefits of 2-up models, as opposed to traditional single-seat ATVs? What kind of feedback do you hear from end consumers and dealers about how the 2-up ATV models are being used?

LV: Benefits of the 2-up ATV include a longer wheelbase and improved suspension, making for a better ride. 2-up units also have more load capacity and larger racks for storage. Hisun units have a removable backrest, so if you don’t have a passenger, you have extra room for luggage. At the recent Mud Nationals, I noticed that most ATVs were 2-up, and the passenger could enjoy the ride with their partner. I believe that most ATVs at this time are used for pleasure, and that favors 2-up models. However, the ATV business is still a large part of the off-road business, and the 2-up gives the commercial operator more handling and storage room. 

PSB: With the upwardly trending sales of UTVs in recent years, what is it about the Hisun 2-up ATV options that would make an end consumer opt for it over a UTV?


LV: True, we all have focused on the crest of the wave, which has been UTVs. However, the ATV market has remained steady at, I believe, a little over 300,000 [units], so it is a market well worth pushing for. What I see is the UTV business has more room for accessories sales, which puts extra profit in it for the dealers. Sometimes it gets down to this — do you like to ride or drive? I rode off-road motorcycles most of my life and the seating/handlebar steering fits my style, but the average user is more styled toward the steering of a UTV.

PSB: In talking with dealers it seems that selling 2-up ATVs is worth considering for a dealer aiming to take share from the guy down the road.

LV: We see 2-up sales on the upswing. Hisun is poised well to take advantage of this new market with 2-up displacements in 450cc, 550cc, 750cc and 1000cc. 


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