Yamaha issues snowmobile recall

Due to crash and fire hazards, Yamaha Motor Corporation has issued a recall on approximately 400 snowmobiles with aftermarket turbochargers. In the affected models, the turbocharger overboost can cause severe engine damage, posing crash and fire hazards to the user.

This recall involves Yamaha model year 2016 SR10 “SRViper” snowmobiles that are equipped with a dealer-installed Mountain Performance Inc. (MPI) Turbo Kit sold by Yamaha. The recalled snowmobiles were sold in several colors. The model name is printed on the left and right side of the front cowling. The vehicle identification number (VIN) and the model number are stamped on the frame (tunnel) near the right foot-well. The letter G in the 10th position of the VIN number indicates that the unit was made in the 2016 model year.

2016 SRViper R-TX LE

2016 SRViper R-TX LE

View the specific chart below for more details:

Vehicle Model Model Number Colors
SRViper R-TX DX SR10RDGB, SR10RDGR Blue, Red/Black
SRViper R-TX SE SR10RSGL, SR10RSGR Blue, Red/White
SRViper R-TX LE SR10RLGL, SR10RLGW Blue, Red/White
SRViper L-TX DX SR10LDGB, SR10LDGR Black/Red, Black
SRViper L-TX SE SR10LSGL, SR10LSGR Blue, Red/White
SRViper L-TX LE SR10LLGW Blue, White/Red
SRViper S-TX DX 137 SR10SD37GR Black/Red
SRViper S-TX DX 146 SR10SD46GB Black
SRViper X-TX SE SR10XSGL, SR10XSGR Blue, Red/While
SRViper X-TX LE SR10XLGL, SR10XLGW White/Blue, White/Red
SRViper M-TX 141 SE SR10MS41GL, SR10MS41GR Blue, Red/White
SRViper M-TX 153 SR10M53GB, SR10M53GR Black, Red/White
SRViper M-TX 153 SE SR10MS53GL, SR10MS53GR Blue, Red/White
SRViper M-TX 153 LE SR10ML53GL, SR10ML53GW Blue, White/Red
SRViper M-TX 162 SR10M62GB, SR10M62GR Black, Red/Black
SRViper M-TX 162 SE SR10MS62GL, SR10MS62GR Blue, Red/White
SRViper M-TX 162 LE SR10ML62GL, SR10ML62GW Blue, White/Red

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled snowmobiles and contact a local Yamaha dealer to schedule a free repair. Yamaha is contacting all registered owners directly.


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