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Torrot presents scooter, concept bikes at EICMA (video)

Torrot presented the latest electric bikes for the coming season at the Milan EICMA. This show in the north Italian capital, the most important and most anticipated for the two-wheeled sector, hosted the presentation of the new Torrot Muvi and the concept bikes inspired by it: The Dhuna, the Park or the Cargo. These are creative versions of the most advanced electric scooter in the sector, because of its interconnectivity, efficiency and its smart technological solutions to mobility.


With the Muvi and its two models, the new City edition and Executive, already being sold as headliners, the pre-series baptized with the name Dhuna, was without a doubt one of the models which caught the attention of the numerous members of the public at the Milan show. This was due in no small part to the fresh, light-hearted appeal inspired in off-road and at the same time surfing image of the new Muvi. This is a scooter for which Torrot has also foreseen customisations adapted to covering the specific needs of fleets, groups and large companies. The Cargo models also present at the international exhibition demonstrated this fact.


The exhibition showed the innovative Torrot TXE to the public for the first time. The attention from the mountain bike fans was centered on this electric version that makes it possible to carry out the sport of trial riding in a way that is completely silent and respectful of the environment. This model, just like the small Torrot Kids, shows the synergies between the electric bike manufacturer and GasGas, now working in brotherhood since the beginning of the year under the Torrot Group umbrella.


The Torrot electric bikes for children attracted the attention of many. Thanks to the safety measures offered by the parental control, this device, which via a smartphone and the application developed by Torrot, offers the possibility of limiting the bike’s power, its perimeter of use and even stopping it in case of danger. Available in three versions (enduro, trial and supermotard), the new Torrot Kids 10/12 and its attractive limited edition Marco Simoncelli SIC58 replica have become the best, safest platform for the initiation of the very youngest riders to the world of two wheels.


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