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Yamaha WaveRunners offer a new way to RiDE

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Yamaha introduces a new way to RiDE with the first dual handlebar throttle controls for personal watercraft.

• Innovative dual handlebar throttle controls

• Patented bucket design

• Optimized for the power and weight of each WaveRunner personal watercraft

• More fun! Better control! It’s all about the RIDE!

There comes a time in every industry when a new innovation springs to life that completely changes the game. Think about what automatic transmissions did for automobiles, or High Definition for television.

For 2015, the same can be said for the personal watercraft industry with the launch of Yamaha’s new RiDE™ technology, the most significant enhancement to PWC in the last 30 years.

Innovative Dual Throttle Controls

RiDE changes everything people know about riding and operating a personal watercraft. In fact, it is a first for any motorized vehicle because it features the world’s first handlebars with dual throttle controls.

RiDE is ultra-intuitive. Pull the right hand lever to go forward, pull the left hand lever to slow down and go in reverse. Let go of both levers and the watercraft is in neutral. There is no shifting or clicking to switch between gears.

Patented Bucket Design

The patented bucket design ensures maximum control at all speeds. When engaged, water is forced out the sides of the bucket, allowing the operator to maintain complete directional control.

Calibrated to the Power and Weight of Each Model

RiDE is controlled by a Boat Control Unit, or BCU, that is specifically tuned at the factory to account for the power and weight of each model. This ensures a completely smooth experience whether riding around a dock in close quarters or taking a turn at full speed.

The BCU is also programmed to understand driver input and intention when both levers are pulled simultaneously, applying the appropriate level of acceleration or deceleration to maximize control.

RiDE is a technology that WaveRunner owners will use every time they are on the water. Every turn, every stop, everywhere. Beginning in 2015, there is only one way to RiDE.

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