American Suzuki dissolved, sold to Suzuki Motor of America

Following its bankruptcy, American Suzuki Motor Corporation has been dissolved, selling its assets to Suzuki Motor of America, Inc., a newly organized, wholly-owned subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation.

The following is a release from Suzuki Motor of America announcing the new company:

Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. (SMAI), has been announced as the sole distributor of Suzuki motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, marine outboard engines and automotive parts and service in the continental United States and Alaska. This announcement comes following the restructuring of American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC).

“We are pleased to announce this new company,” said Suzuki’s Motorcycle/ATV Vice President, Larry Vandiver. “This is a turning point for our brand and we look toward the future as we continue to offer industry-leading products as Suzuki Motor of America, Inc.”

SMAI is firmly committed to the motorcycle, ATV, scooter and marine industry and will focus on the long-term growth in the American market. SMAI aims to bring the excitement of its product line into the powersports marketplace this spring and summer as it launches several exciting new products. The company is planning over 20 consumer events over the next several months, giving customers a firsthand experience to try out its full lineup of sportbike, cruiser, touring, scooter, dualsport, motocross, and KingQuad ATV’s. In addition, SMAI will also be cheering on its championship-winning riders at Supercross, motocross and road racing events throughout the country!

SMAI is poised to make a big impact in the marine industry as well, marketing its flagship DF300AP, state-of-the-art DF20A and DF15A, among other models.

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  1. Well there you have it. Parent company goes BK so it can get rid of the dealers, both auto and POWERSPORTS it deems unworthy. Then forms a “NEW COMPANY” run by the same people out of the same offices selling the same product. Sound like something you have heard of before? Can you say Chrysler / GM? The fact that something like this happens is just wrong. The parent company has money to start another corporation but not run the old one? Our government started a scary trend when they scripted the 09′ auto fiasco when it comes to the dealer body, Dealers are independent businesses that consider a franchise an asset and it should be treated as such. Chrysler dealers got ZERO compensation and were left with all their parts, tools and vehicles, to bad they are your inventory, do with it what ever you can. The Suzuki dealers were LUCKY to get what they did, if you can call that luck. How do I know these things? I was one of the UNLUCKY Jeep dealers.

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