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Polaris unveils seven new INDY models as part of 2014 lineup

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Since its founders invented the snowmobile almost 60 years ago, Polaris has been a leader in the snowmobile industry, known for innovation, appreciation for the riding lifestyle and the best-riding sleds available. Earlier this week at the Phoenix Convention Center, Polaris unveiled its 2014 snowmobile lineup to hundreds of its dealers including seven all-new INDY models, highlighted by the 800 INDY SP and the 600 INDY Voyager. The event showcased a diverse lineup, one providing a model suited to every riding need from recreational to utility. The 2014 Polaris lineup features 30 models in total.

“Polaris continues to embrace our proud history while aggressively looking forward to the next innovations in snowmobiling,” said Bennett Morgan, president and COO, Polaris Industries Inc. “We’re riders ourselves, and we produce sleds that we’d want to ride — machines that promise unmatched performance, comfort and versatility. For 2014, we’ve produced a collection of sleds that honor that promise and embodied our unwavering commitment to be the best in powersports.”

Polaris not only unveiled sleds to dominate any terrain, it also announced expanded color customization and expanded factory-installed options to its Polaris SnowCheck Select program for 2014. Riders will have more choices than ever this year to custom-order their dream snowmobile. The 2014 program runs through April 23, 2013. Riders can customize their sleds online at Complete details can be found online or by visiting a local Polaris dealer.




The most legendary name in snowmobiling is blazing new trails in model year 2014 with seven all-new models aimed at capturing new segments of the snowmobiling population.

“The seven new INDY models we’re introducing in model year 2014 are more than great sleds. They address important customers and market segments that constitute 31 percent of the total snowmobile market,” said Mike Jonikas, vice president of snowmobiles, sales and corporate marketing. “There’s a major opportunity for Polaris to grow in these markets and we’re pinned to win with this lineup of new INDY sleds, which better position us to capture new customers and continue to grow our business in the years to come.”

The popular 600 INDY and 600 INDY SP are both back, joined this year by the 800 INDY SP and the 550 INDY, creating a stable of four INDY models (with three different engine sizes) ideal for carving trails. Driven by the reliable 800 Cleanfire® engine, the new 800 boasts more power while maintaining the smooth ride for which the 600 models are known, while the 550 provides an easy-handling alternative. Meanwhile, the 550 INDY LXT is ideal for high-mileage touring, built on the light, rigid PRO-RIDE™ chassis, a 144” track that bridges uneven terrain and outfitted with a collection of comfort features for long rides. When it’s time to work, the 550 and 600 INDY Voyager models excel, with a large, durable rear cargo rack and high-flotation Gripper skis for traction. All 550 models come with the new CVTech Powerbloc 50 drive clutch, paired with the Invance driven clutch, which delivers smooth engagement and quieter operation. Many INDY models satisfy several riding uses in a single machine, but none are quite as versatile as the 550 INDY Adventure, equipped to tackle a variety of rides with a new cargo system that can be installed and removed in seconds, without tools, and the Lock & Ride® Convertible Passenger Seat that quickly converts this single-seat sled into a 2-up.

Models: 550 INDY, 550 INDY 144, 550 INDY LXT, 550 INDY Voyager, 550 INDY Adventure, 600 INDY, 600 INDY SP, 600 INDY Voyager, 800 INDY SP


Designed for mountain riders, by mountain riders, the industry leading Polaris RMK line returns in 2014 with a collection of models that defy deep snow and high climbs. RMK sleds are built with advanced manufacturing and bonding processes that result in unprecedented, lightweight machines that maintain strength and durability. All this and more has left the competitors struggling to catch up as RMK has been the industry’s best-selling snowmobile for three years in a row. At the core of these sleds are the PRO-RIDE RMK chassis, which is purpose-built for deep snow riding, and the sleds’ strong, ultra-light Carbon Fiber Infrastructure. The RMK’s Coil-Over Rear Suspension outperforms competitor sleds in deep snow, offering more control and excellence flotation to climb higher and faster, supplemented by Gripper skis. Additionally, PRO-RMK models leverage the QuickDrive™ Low Inertia Drive System for quicker acceleration and increased “flickability.”

Models: 600 RMK 144, 600 RMK 155, 600 PRO-RMK 155, 800 RMK 155, 800 PRO-RMK 155, 800 RMK Assault 155, 800 PRO-RMK 163



The 2014 Switchback line’s smooth handling and power delivers extraordinary riding experiences, on or off-trail. Six models are built on the world’s most advanced snowmobile chassis, the Polaris 136” PRO-RIDE chassis, designed for precise handling. These models also come standard with the 136” PRO-RIDE rear suspension, the industry’s only uncoupled progressive-rate suspension, which bridges bumps on rough terrain. For an even smoother ride, each model is outfit with a distinct shock package. New this year, the 600 Switchback Assault® 144 joins its 800 counterpart, offering a nimble machine capable for both trail and backcountry riding thanks to its 144” uncoupled skid, with tipped-up rails, rail reinforcements and a Cobra track for excellent flotation. Also new this year, the 800 Switchback Adventure builds on the original, class-defying 600 Switchback Adventure. Both offer the multifaceted Adventure Cargo System and can accommodate the accessory Lock & Ride® Convertible Passenger Seat, making it possible to configure the sled to the needs of each ride.

Models: 600 Switchback, 600 Switchback PRO-R, 600 Switchback Adventure, 600 Switchback Assault 144, 800 Switchback, 800 Switchback PRO-R, 800 Switchback Adventure, 800 Switchback Assault 144.


Since its debut in 2009, the RUSH line has established the standard for terrain domination and trail performance, built on the PRO-RIDE chassis and supported by the innovative PRO-RIDE Progressive Rate Rear Suspension. The forward-looking suspension design was the industry’s first truly progressive-rate suspension, resisting bottoming on uneven trails and returning control to the rider. It continues to set the standard for riding comfort in both 2014 RUSH models – the 600 RUSH PRO-R and 800 RUSH PRO-R. While offering comfortable rides, these sleds also deliver tremendous power and performance. Both models have class-leading acceleration courtesy of powerful Polaris Liberty® engines with Cleanfire® injection.

Models: 600 RUSH PRO-R, 800 RUSH PRO-R


Designed for solo or 2-up adventures, the 600 IQ LXT and Turbo IQ LXT are ideal for long rides. The Lock & Ride Backrest can be moved from a forward position to a rear position for 2-up riding. A strong collection of features geared toward comfort – from handwarmers for both driver and passenger and a 2-up pillow seat to the smooth-riding IQ 136 Comfort rear suspension and an adjustable, five-position steering post for positioning the bars – ensure riders are comfortable on even the highest-mileage rides.

Models: 600 IQ LXT, Turbo IQ LXT


Built to easily transition from work to recreation, the 600 IQ WideTrak is built to be a versatile workhorse. Its 600 Cleanfire® engine, IQ independent front suspension, Gripper skis and Utility Tipped-Rear rear suspension combine to handle demanding work tasks with a combination of power, flotation and control. Unlike many competing sleds, the WideTrak also provides great comfort features, including a Lock & Ride backrest, heated glove box and an extra tall windshield.

Models: 600 IQ WideTrak


The 120 INDY, Polaris’ youth offering, is specifically designed for young riders, providing a fun, full riding experience while incorporating several special safety features. The 120’s four-stroke engine is built for efficiency and trouble-free performance, perfect for a starter sled. To ensure safe operation by novice riders, the 120 also includes a safety tether and an adjustable throttle so an adult can dictate how much power is available to the rider.

Models: 120 INDY


Polaris listens to passionate recreational riders and world-class professionals when developing its apparel and accessories. New to this year’s lineup, Polaris is introducing more than 240 new apparel and accessory items, including more than 200 new performance apparel SKUs.

Working with world champion hillclimber Keith Curtis, Polaris developed the new KC711 collection, which was personally tested by Curtis. The KC711 collection includes jackets, bibs, jerseys, helmets, goggles and lifestyle gear. For both this new collection and other apparel items, Polaris continued its long-standing relationships with industry leaders FXR®, 509™ and FLY® to develop the latest Polaris riding gear, designed to keep riders warmer, drier and more comfortable, regardless of conditions. Also launched was an aspirational, premium lifestyle apparel line of more than 100 items for men, women and youth which deeply expresses the Polaris brand.

Polaris’ 2014 accessories are highlighted by new items in the Burandt Collection, developed with help from backcountry riding legend Chris Burandt. New to the Burandt Collection are narrow/low bars for even more steering leverage in deep snow, the Burandt Wrap graphic for hood and side panels and the Burandt Lock & Ride Flyer Bag for convenient, protected storage. In addition to the Burandt Collection, Polaris also is debuting the Lock & Ride Convertible Passenger Seat, which quickly installs on the Adventure Cargo System rack and can easily convert a one-person machine into a 2-up in seconds.

Read more about the 2014 Polaris snowmobile lineup from SnowGoer, PSB’s sister publication, by clicking here.

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