Customize the mobile experience

“Redesigned and ready to customize.” Those words greet Harley-Davidson consumers when they land on the OEM’s website.

Those words also should be something to consider as you tackle today’s fastest-growing marketing trend: mobile marketing.

Of today’s powersports shoppers, roughly a third of them are using mobile devices to check out new and used vehicles, according to a recent study. That percentage is growing significantly. In fact, page views from mobile devices at have risen by nearly 170 percent just since the spring of 2011.

Yet, many of us don’t give enough consideration to what our dealership website looks like when viewed on a smartphone. And those of us who are aware of our mobile-enabled site — a landing page especially designed for mobile users — are still in the dark that our dealership mobile sites can in many cases be customized by our website provider.

Customization has become the hallmark of our industry. Harley shoppers are anxious for it, off-roaders as well. Polaris consumers can customize a RZR in just a few clicks.

The idea of making something your own shouldn’t be left to just the consumer’s vehicle, but the actual vehicle they’ll use to pick out their unit of choice.

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Dave Valentine is the National Sales Manager of PowerSports Network, a leading provider of web site solutions serving more than 2,500 dealers in North America. PSN is part of Dominion Enterprises, a leading marketing services company serving multiple industries including real estate, apartments, specialty vehicles, marine, automotive and travel.

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