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Yamaha announces e-bike partnership with Hero Cycles

Yamaha Motor has announced it has signed an agreement with Hero Motors Limited – which owns Hero Cycles, India’s largest bicycle manufacturer – to establish a joint venture company for the manufacture of Hub-mounted drive units for electrically power-assisted bicycles e-bikes. The joint venture is scheduled to be established by the end of November, with Yamaha Motor holding a 10% stake and Hero Motors holding the remaining 90%.

Currently Europe is the largest market for e-bikes and about half of the market’s offerings use hub-mounted drive units that house the electric motor in the center of the drive wheel. As the global market for e-bikes continues to grow, Yamaha expects the prominence of these hub-mounted drive units to rise accordingly and signed the agreement to establish this joint venture with that in mind.

Yamaha currently offers proprietary center-mount drive units, which are set in the middle of the bicycle chassis near the pedals. By adding the hub-mounted drive units manufactured through this joint venture to its portfolio, Yamaha looks to raise the overall strength and capabilities of its e-bike business and thereby secure future business growth.

Has your dealership begun exploring e-bike options? Previously Powersports Business has reported the potential benefit of dealerships bringing in low cost and risk options such as e-bikes.

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