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CavCom introduces consumer line of hearing protection

CavCom, the Minnesota-based producer of industrial hearing-protection and communication systems, has introduced a consumer line of products following its recent acquisition of the WildEar brand.

In a press release, the company stated: “CavCom knows how high-to-moderate noise exposure can affect daily life in the long term and how debilitating hearing loss can be. They also understand that the exposure risk is not only at work. That is what makes them very excited to get proven products into the hands of the recreational sportsman, the powersports enthusiast, the yardwork lover and the weekend warrior.”

WildEar products include the brand’s original electronic hearing protection and boosters’ line for the outdoorsman, which now has CavCom’s additional passive and filtered hearing protection, both ready-fit and custom. In addition, EarzOn and TruEarz products, with and without filters, can now be purchased by consumers through the WildEar website. Cellphone communication products that provide the ability to hear and communicate in high-noise environments are also available.

“Our team is passionate about the importance of hearing protection on and off the job. We are excited to introduce innovative hearing protection products for recreational use,” said President Beth Orton.

Current CavCom customers now have the opportunity to purchase custom WildEar products without the hassle of getting another ear impression.

“Industries throughout the United States use CavCom’s custom and ready-fit products to protect against industry noise and to facilitate radio communications,” the company stated in its release. “Now employees of those companies can leverage the custom impression they have on file to order at-home products. Hearing protection starts on the jobsite but now can be continued after hours with the same proven products.”

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