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AL3RT GPS offers dealers more add-on sales

McKinney, Texas-based AL3RT GPS announced its has partnered with iTap Menu and SideCars Incorporated to offer its customers the option of a 60-month, $2,500 or 60-month $5,000 Theft Guarantee product. Both options will come with roadside assistance that the dealer can add to the sale of an AL3RT GPS.

CEO Tony Tarell reports that dealers will be able to mark up theft guarantee and e-contract either through iTap Menu or direct from the SideCars dealer portal. No other GPS company in powersports offers these options.

Through a partnership with Scorpion Mark, AL3RT GPS dealers can still sell customers the theft guarantee with roadside assistance by applying Scorpion Mark’s patented system to the vehicle at time of sale.

AL3RT GPS reports that it not only offers dealers the newest and most reliable technology at the lowest cost, but now even more protection to the end user while allowing its dealers to make even more money per deal.

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