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Shad to unveil new cases at AIMExpo

Shad is showcasing two new sets of motorcycle cases at this week’s American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo) in Columbus, Ohio. Shad is located at Booth 2509.

The following is a release from Shad: 

Shad’s expandable aluminum luggage system is able to adapt to every type of ride just as you and your bike must. Ideal for the urban day-to-day, road trips or adventure tours through diverse & challenging terrains. This system adapts to any kind of route and offers a variety of loading options, reaching up to a maximum volume of 128 liters. The aluminum luggage system is composed of the expandable SH59X top Case and the SH35 side cases. Both cases have been rigorously developed with the intention to unite capacity, comfort and aerodynamics in a set that stands out for its high technical value and its integrated aesthetics. Reliability and strength of both cases have been tested in different situations, including adverse environments and extreme conditions, guaranteeing a high performance product. We will be proudly launching them during this year’s AIMExpo in Columbus, OH.

Top Case

The expandable SH59X and SH58 are the only cases in their class. Their awarded innovative design allows the rider to adjust the volume in 3 different positions in just a few seconds (46, 52 and 58 liters). With a great loading

Shad SH59X
Shad SH59X

capacity, the expandable can carry up to 2 helmets of any size. Its double internal structural frame guarantees high rigidity and resistance with minimum weight and offers the possibility of incorporating an expandable inner bag to help the transport of equipment. Its high technology and advanced design led the expandable to win the prestigious design award Red Dot 2017, a reference among designers and manufacturers. The patented system that adjusts the volume of the SH59X makes it a highly functional and practical top case, adapting itself to all kinds of needs that the driver may have. Moreover, the optional two-piece backrest, consisting of two layers of polyurethane coated with a double texture lay of skay, brings total comfort to the passenger.

Side Case

The SH35 side cases are more aerodynamic and have a greater loading capacity than almost all other aluminum cases of the market. With capacity for a jet helmet, the SH35 are rigid and light, thanks to its double structural frame, which provides better sealing and stiffness. In addition, they have an internal tray and elastic straps to fix the load and an inner bag can be perfectly added to transport load in a more comfortable way. Designed & made in Barcelona, the SH35

Shad SH35
Shad SH35

have the revolutionary and patented 3P System fitting kit that guarantees a total integration to the motorcycle profile. The typical rectangular frame is reduced to a light and safe arm with 3 fitting kit points that make the assembly and dismantling of the side cases easier. The aerodynamics of the cases is also improved by allowing a slight oscillation that facilitates the circulation of air.

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