Two MAG brands to combine road rep force

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In the quest to deliver unsurpassed product knowledge and superior service to their respective distributor and dealer networks, Küryakyn Holdings, LLC and Mustang Motorcycle Products, LLC have teamed up. In a joint statement, the two aftermarket accessory leaders have announced a combined road rep team to maximize support and brand exposure for both product lines.

“With this combined rep force, our goal is clear,” says Küryakyn National Development Manager Mike Shell. “We will be maximizing our collective business and brand awareness, as well as bolstering the success of our domestic distributor and dealer networks.” This is a joint sales force initiative, not a merging of the brands.

“We are working together to benefit our mutual dealers,” explains Matt Kulman, General Manager for Mustang Motorcycle Products. “It is very important for us to constantly design and develop game-changing revenue opportunities for the dealer network,” he adds. “Our new joint rep force will do just that through enhanced service and product awareness for both Mustang and Küryakyn.”

Uniting and leveraging resources is the key, says Shell. Both Mustang and Küryakyn are perfectly positioned in the marketplace with their veteran brand rep teams. Coinciding with the launch of this joint team of brand ambassadors, Küryakyn and Mustang will also be rolling out a series of initiatives and regional events in the coming weeks designed specifically for dealers and distributors.

Bottom line: By combining forces, these two industry leaders are creating a unified, powerful team that will drive better support for the distributor, dealer and retail segments.

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