Lender forms partnership for F&I solution

Go Pro Powersports Services and Approved Power Sports Leasing, Inc./Cooperative Credit Systems have announced a partnership. Dealers, OEMs and distributors who currently offer financing options via GPPS will be able to complete transactions for both new and pre-owned units directly from the APSL portal. Cooperative Credit Systems is a division and APSL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alpha Creation Holdings, Inc., a multi-service financial company based in Murphy, Texas.

Dealerships will see that consumer credit applications will be easier to receive, submit and complete by using the decision-support software provided via APSL. The dealership’s staff will no longer need to manually fill out separate consumer applications or agreements for each lender. Data appears immediately in the APSL platform and can be used for presenting the multiple lender options to the customer. With a built-in CRM software, all parties are kept updated, with emails reminding buyers of upcoming payments, maintenance, promotions and even birthdays.

“In these tough economic times, dealers have been looking for an inexpensive but feature-rich, seamless integration of their F&I services,” said GPPS founder Jim Anderson. “Rather than investing in training for more personnel to handle the mundane task of filling out forms, or slowing down the sale as the F&I manager does the same, we are thrilled to offer this extremely efficient, turn-key solution now available nationwide.”

“We are tremendously excited to provide this seamless integration to all dealership sales and F&I departments and announce our partnership with GPPS,” said Tony Moore, CEO of Alpha Creation Holdings. “Right from log-in, dealers can integrate our back-end products, accessories and additional services directly into the deal and present the lender’s decision automatically.”

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