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AMT launches AI-powered material handling solution for warehousing

Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT), an automation engineering company that specializes in advanced material handling, system integration and autonomous mobile robots for warehousing and logistics, has launched the ROBiN Robotic Induction System. ROBiN is a flexible material handling solution designed to produce efficiency and gains in the warehousing industry.

ROBiN, developed by AMT, is a robotic AI-enabled system designed to improve the process of removing and organizing layers of products on pallets for integration into automated storage and retrieval systems. Utilizing advanced AI and machine vision technology, ROBiN is engineered to handle a diverse range of case sizes and shapes without prior knowledge of the number of cases on a layer, their specific location or orientation. This capability allows ROBiN to optimize the fill density of totes, therefore increasing efficiency in warehouse operations. ROBiN reflects AMT’s focus on advancing warehouse automation through the application of innovative technologies.

“We are excited to launch ROBiN, our flexible material handling solution, which was designed to significantly enhance efficiency and throughput in warehouse induction operations,” says Craig Salvalaggio, president of AMT. “ROBiN’s unique and adaptable design supports various case dimensions and operates effectively without needing to know in advance the count of cases per layer or their precise placement and alignment. This flexibility enables us to meet our client’s diverse operational needs and drive forward the capabilities of automated systems.”

Click on the video below for a visual of how ROBiN works:

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