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DragonFire fills product holes with latest offerings

As the side-by-side market continues to grow, aftermarket companies are finding new ways to increase revenue — that is, if they can keep up with the rapidly developing technology that OEMs are putting on their units. 

With the release of 75 new products this year, DragonFire Racing is certainly keeping up. The Chandler, Arizona-based aftermarket company specializing in side-by-side accessories also rebranded itself at the same time as the mass-product release. Both product and new branding were announced at the Tucker Rocky | Biker’s Choice dealer show in February. 

DragonFire turned up the heat on product development in order to capitalize on the growing number of side-by-side users. But the development was also necessary to keep up with OEMs that are making more accessories standard. 

The move has been fruitful for the company, which has seen substantial double-digit growth over in the first quarter of 2018 compared to the year-ago quarter.

System 3 Off-Road is a new DragonFire tire and wheel brand that will be distributed exclusively through Tucker Rocky. Photos courtesy of System 3 Off-Road

“The key driver for us was trying to stay relevant in the changing marketplace. These units have evolved significantly, especially over the last three or four years. Part of it is as an aftermarket brand, we want to stay relevant, and in particular, the 75 new products, the majority of them get us into some of the categories where we had holes in before,” said Brice Ginn, operations manager for DragonFire.

Ginn added that some of the key areas the company has expanded into for the first time include LED lighting, wheels, tires, roofs and windshields. 

“Those are all typically things that people purchase when they buy the new unit, and those are some gaps in our product line that we wanted to make sure we addressed in our style,” he said.

While some of the products are compatible with any UTV — such as DragonFire’s spare tire carrier, a 40-foot UTV specific tow rope and a universal storage bag  — many of the new products are geared towards the Polaris RZR and Can-Am Maverick lines. 

To aid dealers in better selling DragonFire’s accessories, the company is also releasing new in-store displays including a wheel and tire display. The  previously launched “Brand in a Box” package for dealers remains available through distributor Tucker Rocky. 

“Being connected with Tucker Rocky on things like in-store displays, those are pivotal factors for us. In the past we’ve actually focused on putting the aftermarket accessories on an actual vehicle, but not every dealer has the retail space to offer dressed up vehicles,” Ginn said.

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