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BikeMaster expands line with two new inner tubes

BikeMaster has introduced two new inner tube styles to their off-road motorcycle product lineup: Heavy-Duty Moto Tubes and Heavy-Duty Enduro Tubes.

“We have a lot of confidence in the quality of these tubes and are excited to add them to the line,” said Katie Qatato, brand manager for BikeMaster. “These new tubes utilize our improved compound, offering superior puncture and pinch flat resistance.”

BikeMaster Heavy-Duty Moto Tubes (P/Ns 374664 through 374676) are manufactured from natural rubber, making them ultra-durable. Seamless construction, increased wall thickness and superior valve stems combine to provide better puncture and pinch flat protection in any terrain. Each tube is individually packaged with the part number and size indicated on the box and tube for easy reference. The tubes retail starting at $10.95.

BikeMaster Heavy-Duty Enduro Tubes (P/Ns 374677 through 374683) have all the same characteristics as the Heavy-Duty Moto Tubes, but also feature an average of 35 percent boost in wall thickness. These are designed to perform well in extreme conditions, giving you better sidewall stability and superior protection, and retail starting at $17.95.

BikeMaster’s new Heavy Duty Moto Tubes retail for $10.95. Photo courtesy of Tucker Rocky Distributing


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