Broward Motorsports returns as sponsor

Dealership becomes title sponsor of Pro Watercross world championship

Renewing an old partnership, Pro Watercross and Broward Motorsports/Yamaha will be teaming up for both the 2017 Heyday Pro Watercross National Tour and the 2017 Pro Watercross World Championship.

Broward Motorsports/Yamaha will serve as the Title Sponsor of the 2017 Pro Watercross World Championship in Naples, Florida, reprising the role as the championship’s lead sponsor that the dealership held in 2015, when Broward Motorsports was the title sponsor of the inaugural Pro Watercross World Championship.

Also, Broward Motorsports/Yamaha, with four locations in Florida, has stepped forward as the presenting sponsor of the 2017 Heyday Pro Watercross National Tour, which runs through August, leading up to the 2017 World Championship in November.

“I have always believed that the Pro Watercross Tour is a great way to grow our sport and take it to the next level,” said Sam Nehme, Broward Motorsports owner and president. “Broward Motorsports was proud to be the sponsor of the first ever World Championship in Naples, and we would like to continue that support for years to come.”

“The national tour is shaping up to be one of the tour’s most exciting, competitive and well-publicized seasons,” said Pro Watercross managing director Nick Handler.

“We are thrilled to have Broward Motorsports as the 2017 title sponsor of our world championship as well as the presenting sponsor for the tour. Sam is an exceptional businessman, and you can see this is how he has grown Broward Motorsports throughout Florida. I have immense respect for Sam; he is an outstanding role model for all of our athletes — he is a man of integrity!” said AJ Handler, CEO of Pro Watercross.

Pro Watercross’ efforts to bring the sport of watercross racing to millions of fans worldwide through television, live web streaming and social media has set records in the past year, and between fans lining the beaches at each tour stop to watch the edge-of-your-seat action and the remote viewing now available through the various mediums, Nehme said “the energy in the sport is once again on the rise.”

“The television time that we received was great! We haven’t seen that in many, many years,” Nehme said about the CBS Sports broadcasts of Pro Watercross events in 2016. “Both television and live streaming are instrumental to grow our fan base and sport. I hope that it continues to grow this year as planned.”

The dedication to the watercross sport and industry make a partnership between Pro Watercross and Broward Motorsports a natural match, as does a common interest in seeing the sport grow both its fan base and the participation from athletes, venues and sponsors.

Nehme said he is enthusiastic about the growth he sees in the sport — a growth that AJ Handler has dedicated himself to for more than two decades.

“AJ and the team at Pro Watercross have worked very hard to think outside of the box. They have brought in sponsors from outside of the industry, added television shows to follow the series and added some of the best race site locations for a complete tour!” said Nehme. “Both Broward Motorsports and Pro Watercross have the same goals in mind. We want to promote and grow the great sport of personal watercraft racing. We want to see these athletes and their sponsors be recognized worldwide on television along with other media sources.”

As both a sponsor and as a top competitor on the Pro Watercross Tour, Nehme is looking forward to the 2017 Pro Watercross season.

“I believe the 2017 race season will be even more competitive than ever before.  There are a bunch of new racers joining the tour, and the classes will be stacked with amazing talent,” he said “and the World Championships in Naples is an amazing location and site for everyone to enjoy. This sport is a safe and friendly sport while competitive at the same time. It is great for families to get involved in to enjoy the water, sun and each other!” 


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