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Trio of new 2-Up ATVs from HISUN

Forge 450, 550, 750 complete full-range of 2-Up lineup

McKinney, Texas-based HISUN Motors recently introduced three new aggressively designed 2-Up ATVs. The newly released Forge 450, Forge 550 and Forge 750 are in addition to the 2-Up Tactic 800cc and Tactic 1000cc 2-Up ATVs that feature V-twin engines.

The new 450, 550 and 750 ATVs allow HISUN dealers to offer a full range of 2-Up ATVs in addition to HISUN’s traditional line of ATVs.

This exciting new addition to the HISUN line has been well received by HISUN dealers.

“We had a Forge 550 that sold right away. The new 2-Up ATVs have improvements in styling and are overall better looking machines,” said Duane Summers, general manager at Yamaha of Camp Hill in Pennsylvania. “We are looking forward to getting a new order placed and units back in stock. We are excited to educate customers about HISUN, their history and their presence in the U.S.”

Jeremy Prewett, owner of Outpost Motorsports in West Plains, Missouri, said, “They are definitely a big improvement for the industry. Their stock models come with aluminum rims, halo headlights, a winch and even camo. The features added for the passenger are going to make the comfort level so much better. The additional footsteps, handles and backrest are really great selling features. I think it’s one of the best looking ATVs for the size on the market. Everybody’s really crazy about the way they look.”

The 2016 HISUN Forge 750 (above and below) joins the new 450 and 550 as 2-Up offerings in the growing brand’s lineup.
The 2016 HISUN Forge 750 (above and below) joins the new 450 and 550 as 2-Up offerings in the growing brand’s lineup.

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When asked about the new Forge 450 ATV, Prewett also commented, “For a 450, I thought it handled well; the suspension was great, and it had plenty of power. I’m a big man, and I had no trouble driving it up any hills. There was never any hesitation. The size on the bike is a little bit bigger than last year’s model on the 400s. I think the Forge 450 has a really beefy look.”

HISUN’s new line of 2-Up ATVs features HISUN-built OHV engines with standard Delphi Electronic Fuel Injection. A CVT system delivers power through both low and high range gears. The Tactic 800 and 1000 feature CVTech transmission systems and electronic power steering (EPS). HISUN’s new line of ATVs come standard with a heavy-duty 2,500-pound winch, full LED lighting packages, front and rear cargo racks and 12-inch chrome alloy rims with aggressive knobby Wanda tires.

All HISUN ATVs and UTVs are supported through HISUN’s USA headquarters in Texas, where dealers will find more than 2 million parts in stock. Final assembly is also completed at HISUN’s USA Headquarters, and all ATVs and UTVs are shipped fully assembled to dealers.



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