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CRM group fills GM role with Kilgore

Dealership Performance CRM has brought in industry veteran Tad Kilgore to manage the company. His role is to help increase business for Dealership Performance CRM and also to increase the company’s exposure to the OEM space in the recreational dealership industry.

Kilgore’s immediate initiative is a large-scale push for a better understanding of the powerful suite of tools Dealership Performance CRM has created for dealers. Some of these tools include an easily accessible and user-friendly dashboard with direct access to leads, appointments and performance statistics; complete lead tracking and visual chart reporting; automated events and customized follow-up reminders.

“These tools specialize in creating a ‘360-degree’ sales cycle,” Kilgore said. “It not only creates deals now, but also encourages customers to continue visiting the dealership, purchasing in other departments, and ultimately drives them to trade in.”

The company’s new GM also aims to bring a stronger adaption of the Business Development Center and the Customer Service Index process to dealers via the “360” sales system.

“Dealers no longer need to outsource their business development services. They now have an add-on tool to use that integrates with our ‘360’ CRM system,” Kilgore explains. This includes a tool that gives dealers real-time capabilities to make same-day calls to hot prospects.

“Recreational dealers now have full control over these valuable services,” Kilgore says.

Kilgore will be leading Dealership Performance CRM’s OEM Partner Program as well as the data-back and CSI reporting programs for OEM partners.

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