TheAutoMoto.com releases delivery trike

TheAutoMoto.com Corp. has introduced its first Electric Delivery Trike.

The trike, built off the roofed platform of the company’s three-wheel scooters, is the first electric vehicle in the company’s fleet and the first designed specifically for deliveries. It features a 1,500-watt brush motor powered by 48-volt 38ah batteries. Its top speed is 22 mph, and it has a range of 40 miles. The Auto Moto team also plans to continue to develop the platform to include larger motors and longer range batteries before the first units hit showroom floors in early 2012. It will be available in white, blue and black.

“It is extremely exciting to introduce our new Electric Delivery trike, which brings the Auto Moto’s name and reputation for durability, quality and performance to a new class of vehicle,” vice president Guy Cohen said. “The utility delivery trike combines the traditional rugged construction found within all Auto Moto vehicles and a newly found electric power plant in combination with the largest cargo box on the scooter market, to serve the needs of a variety of customers, from large carrier services and food delivery companies, to maintenance personnel and groundskeepers.”

With a 18.5-cubic-foot trunk, the scooter was designed for a variety of companies to make deliveries. Cohen told Powersports Business that the Auto Moto was inspired by similar delivery scooters in Europe.

“There is an untapped market here in the U.S. basically of scooters doing deliveries,” he said.

The Auto Moto began accepting preproduction orders on Aug. 1. Authorized dealers and corporate fleet buyers who preorder will receive a $200 discount off the wholesale price.

The trike will be shown at the SEMA starting Nov. 1. Delivery of the vehicles will start Jan. 2.

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  1. I have seen the automoto and the Bonzai on the internet. What is the difference? They look just alike.

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