Actor, motorcycling advocate dies

Actor and motorcycling enthusiast Francesco Quinn died on Aug. 5 at the age of 48 after suffering a heart attack during a run with his son in Malibu, Calif.

Quinn, best known for his role as Rhah in “Platoon,” was an avid rider and a spokesman for the industry, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council.

“Frankie was a genuine rider. He was one of us. Motorcycling was in his bones. For him, it wasn’t just about being cool or having the latest fashion accessory,” the MIC said in a press release. “He really knew how to ride. He did track schools. He appreciated bikes, not just for their style, but for their technology and engineering.”

Quinn rode tricked-out sport bikes, cruisers and Gold Wings. He enjoyed attending races of all kinds, from road racing to Supercross, and was friends with racers, such as world champion Max Biaggi.

“He rode whenever and wherever possible, a true ambassador for two-wheeling,” the MIC said. “He’d ride to meetings with Hollywood producers. He’d ride to and from the movie set. He’d ride for fun. He’d ride to errands. And in doing so, he’d happily present motorcycling to everyone, from high-powered entertainment executives to the assistants handling his travel arrangements.”

Quinn served as a spokesperson for the industry, attending interviews with both TV and print media. When he wasn’t on a motorcycle, he was often bicycling, often at 100 miles at a time.

“As motorcyclists, we can only be thankful that we had him as a fellow rider,” the MIC said. “When it comes to motorcycling, we can only speak a little louder, with more vigor and passion, if we hope to honor the memory of all he did for us. And we’re never going to forget Francesco Quinn.”

The organization expressed sorrow for Quinn’s wife, family, close friends and especially his three children.

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