Suzuki bike sales in North America skyrocket

Consolidated sales of motorcycles in North America leapt 400 percent in Suzuki’s first quarter over the year-ago period, helping the company report positive motorcycle sales.

In the first quarter, sales of motorcycles in North America reached 20,000 units, as compared to 4,000 units during second quarter 2010. That increase, plus those seen in Asia, launched Suzuki’s motorcycle net sales to an 8 percent increase to ¥75 billion. Operating income increased ¥300 million to ¥2 billion.

Consolidated sales of marine, power products and other equipment increased 5.3 percent in North America to ¥3 billion. Worldwide, the segment saw a ¥1.9 billion increase to ¥14 billion. Operating income increased ¥300 million to ¥2 billion.

Overall, the company saw some struggles, however. Consolidated net sales throughout the company decreased 7 percent to ¥6 trillion, and operating income dropped 20 percent to ¥25 billion. Decreases were credited to struggling economies in the United States and Europe, as well as the appreciation of yen. The impact of the March earthquake in Japan was a concern, however, the supply chain has recovered, as have production activities, the company reported. Net income increased 23 percent to ¥18 billion.

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  1. You know, if you produce ZERO UNITS for a full model year…I would imagine this to be the case….Suzuki is close to being DOA.

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