July 11, 2011 – Sea-Doo brake system a true selling point during test ride

I couldn’t wait to get to the stop sign. In fact, sometimes braking for the stop sign became such the ultimate “wow factor” that I often created imaginary stop signs of my own on the waters of Lake Waconia in Minnesota.

When the 2011 Sea-Doo iControl Test Ride Tour rolled into town, it was time to test the first-of-its-kind iBR (Intelligent Brake & Reverse). Braking on the water? I was skeptical, for sure.

But the first stop sign that I came upon at 45 mph provided me with all the answers I needed — yes, the brake on the Sea-Doo is all it’s cracked up to be. From the entry-level GTS 130 to the how-fast-does-thing-go models on top, I was primed to brake.

“One of the most important technology introductions I believe in the powersports world in the last 15 years,” is how BRP’s Yves Leduc described the iBR to me only weeks earlier. “It just completely redefines the ride. You’re braking as if you were on a snowmobile. You can ride differently by braking before turning. It’s not only about greater safety, but fun on the water.”

Fair enough, but I had to experience it to believe it.

The waves began to get choppy just in time for me to hop aboard the GTX Limited 260.The brake operates in the same progressive manner as a motorcycle brake. The more pressure applied to the control, the faster the machine slows. Pull the control all the way in to activate the reverse and continue holding it to remain in reverse. Let go of the lever to get back into neutral. That’s an easy approach for someone who gets on the water only a handful of times per year.

The test ride was yet another way for dealers to take advantage of an OEM’s promotion geared to their customers. Dealers should be sure to take advantage of promotions like this one, especially for new or entry-level owners. It’s an ideal way to learn more about the PWC and the various technological advances that make one worth purchasing.

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