BRP caps biggest event in company history

Club BRP Montréal, the biggest event of the company’s 70-year history, ended Sunday after the general public had the chance to test the products and visit the BRP showroom at the Palais des congrès over the weekend. A career fair was also held within the showroom to recruit bilingual professionals for positions in Canada and abroad.

In addition to the 4,000 dealers, distributors, media and employees from around the world that BRP had invited to its commercial fair, the company provided free to the public to the showroom at the Palais des congrès, demo rides at the Ultimate Playground site and an outdoor concerts on Crescent Street.

BRP displayed its R&D capabilities and surprised everyone by introducing a concept vehicle of an electric side-by-side, a solar cart, a gyrocopter and even a flight simulator and a kart simulator to demonstrate the many uses of its Rotax engines.

“One of the main reasons for Club BRP was to give our dealers, distributors and invited media a chance to understand our company better. They had the chance to visit our facilities in Valcourt; they gained a better understanding of BRP, of what makes us tick,” said José Boisjoli, BRP president and CEO. “Throughout the week our employees did an outstanding job to greet and help our guests. They overcame exceptional logistical challenges so we can say ‘Mission accomplished!’”

BRP was certified BNQ 9700-253 from Takt-etik, Québec’s leading sustainable development consulting firm, who assessed set criteria for the management of eco-responsible events, including food services, and water, waste and transportation management. BRP will offset the carbon emissions from its Ultimate Playground site and will ensure that the demo site is restored to its pre-Club condition.

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