Motorcycle OEMs issue recalls

Both Harley-Davidson and Ducati have issued recalls on thousands of motorcycles.

Harley’s recall affects nearly 7,000 units of the 2011 Softail. The affected motorcycles had security system kits installed as an accessory. The Body Control Modules (BCM) in the kit may not have been properly sealed during production. An improper seal may allow water into the BCM, which could cause engine stalling. The BCM part numbers affected are 69991-11 and 69993-11. The recall is expected to begin Feb. 21, and the OEM is notifying dealers and Softail owners.

Ducati has recalled nearly 4,000 Multistradas for a fuel leakage issue. Models affected include certain units of the 2003-’04 MTS 1000, 2005 Multistrada 1000 S, 2006 MTS 1000, 2006 MTS 620, 2007-’08 MTS 1100 and 2009 MTS 1100. Fuel leakage can occur at the fuel tank pump flange seal, which could result in a fire. Dealers are being asked to replace the fuel pump O-ring.

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