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Piaggio offers new, risk-free consumer program

The Piaggio Group has begun offering a 12 Month Test Ride, a program that offers qualified buyers the opportunity to experience select Piaggio, Aprilia and Vespa scooters without a long-term commitment.

The offer includes the option to return the scooter to participating dealers after 365 days of ownership if the buyer decides the two-wheel lifestyle just isn’t right for them after all.

“It’s our mission to remove any roadblocks keeping even more Americans from discovering just how much money and time they can save, and how much fun they can have, by adding two wheels to their garage,” Paolo Timoni, president and CEO of Piaggio Group Americas, said in a press release.

The 12 Month Test Ride is open to buyers who qualify for a 36-month closed-end finance term, exclusively offered through Piaggio Group America’s partner Sheffield Financial. To take advantage of the offer, the purchase must be completed by July 31.  

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