Polaris defense introduces multi-passenger military vehicle

Polaris announced the addition of a military version of Polaris' Ranger utility vehicle, which was given to the Army at Fort Campbell, Ky., according to a Polaris press release.

The MVRS800 is a part of Polaris’ Ultra Light Tactical Vehicles for the military. It has a 760cc Patriot engine with 40 hp that operates on JP8, the U.S. military’s standard fuel. This engine was introduced earlier this year on the MV800 ATV.

The MVRS has a steel exoskeleton, high-capacity fuel tank and a completely sealed power train, which can stand up to 30 inches of water. It also has
a front storage rack, multiple D-rings, weapons storage and a rear bed with fold-down sides. The rear bed is adaptable to accessories such as litter racks and rear seating.

Polaris also offers a gasoline-powered version of this vehicle, the MVRS700.

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