Harley adds helmet section to Web site

In conjunction with April being “Check Your Helmet” month, Harley-Davidson has launched a special addition to its Web site devoted to helmets.

The new section, which can be found at www.harley-davidson.com/helmets, covers the components of a helmet, from outer shell to padding, and introduces H-D’s three basic types of helmets: styles of helmet, from half to modular; how to measure for and check that a helmet fits properly; and care, from cleaning to maximizing helmet life.

Riders will be encouraged to visit their local H-D dealer for personalized helmet fitment advice and a free helmet check.

Also starting this month, dealers are adhering Purchased-On Date Stickers at the time of purchase on the inside of helmets under the comfort liner. This provides customers with an accurate date of purchase and a useful reminder for when to replace their helmets.

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