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Things are starting to look up

As the primary selling season begins, there’s a hint of optimism in the air.

As many dealers’ and manufacturers’ first quarters wrap up, news of increased sales is emerging. Is it time for us to finally sport a little grin and maybe become more excited for the year? Let’s hope.

Ducati North America has already reported a 68 percent sales increase in 2011’s first quarter compared to the year-ago period. Dealers I’ve been talking to have seen higher sales as well, though to a lesser extent. One general manager told me his dealership just experienced its best first quarter in nine years. Another dealer told me in mid-March that he was on track to meet if not exceed his 2007 sales totals for that month. And a third person sent us a message that his first quarter sales were up more than 30 percent.

Those are a few success stories we’ve heard so far. But we also want to know how you’re doing. Are you seeing the same increase these three dealers are, or are things looking the same or worse than last year?

Powersports Business and RBC Capital Markets are running a survey through Thursday asking dealers how their first quarter sales have been and what their outlook for 2011 looks like in light of that. Please participate if you have the time because the more responses we receive, the better information we’ll have to share with you. Click here to see the survey. Results will appear in an upcoming issue of Powersports Business.

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