New way of viewing the Internet

To say that smartphones, especially iPhones and Androids, are increasing in sales faster than other cell phone devices is a huge understatement.

Last year alone, there were about 172 million smartphones sold, which was up 24 percent over the previous year. In contrast, total mobile phone sales were flat, according to Gartner, a technology research and advisory company.

What does this mean for the powersports industry?

Companies, including Kawasaki and Cycle Trader, have already launched mobile-friendly Web sites, which are basically versions of their traditional sites that have been simplified and optimized for mobile phones.

They’re created to make it easier for consumers to search companies’ Web sites on their smartphones, which increasingly is where people are looking for information. There’s a reason some smartphones are called CrackBerries. People are addicted. These sites are soon going to be as important as a regular Web site.

Web service provider Powersports Network has made a mobile-friendly site for every one of its more than 2,400 dealers – free of charge.

If you’re not already, get on board. For more information on the mobile-friendly Web sites, see the May 24th issue of Powerports Business.

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