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Seasonal ‘curb boosting’

By Jennifer Robison

Jennifer Robison 2011Today we make up words that make their way to the Urban Dictionary. I am making up a new phrase “curb boosting,” which I define as the action of boosting your store's curb appeal, from the front door all the way through the showroom, and hey, let’s also include those bathrooms too.

Let’s say it like it is. Some of you have not boosted your dealership’s curb appeal in a long while. It happens; we get so busy, so focused on other things that the store just gets a bit stale. I would recommend you get on the curb boosting! It’s a new season anyway — most of you should be changing or have changed into your next season’s goods. ATV and UTV season is big for curb boosting now.

Curb Boosting 1Take your best space for seasonal products. How much space is that? 8 feet, 16 feet, or more? Plan to fill that space with brands and products that are top sellers in your market. Make sure to dress units and add branding and any images or graphics to boost the season’s story.

Remember to account for larger products on your walls. ATV and UTV products tend to be bulky and large; they need plenty of wall space to be displayed on or can be dressed on units in the space with other available products. Remember to include strong branding and brand merchandising tools; they can aid in your presentations.


Having goods on a complementary floor display also helps boost presentations. Blend floor displays, dressed units and wall presentations into a strong visual appeal to your shoppers. The impact on them visually should draw and sell more.


Curb Boosting 3Here are a few tips for maximizing your curb boosting:

  • Frame your wall space.
  • Carry branding throughout the display. Use clean lines to show products in your brand zones. Categorize all products in groupings; avoid random product placement.
  • Avoid putting small items below the waist line; they tend to be hard to see.
  • Make sure your colors help to grab shopper attention. Color is remembered prominently.
  • Create strong displays that attract shoppers, which can be simple like the photo shown here.

Display to sell; display to attract; display to grab shoppers from all parts of the store to see your goods no matter what they are!

Jennifer Robison’s career began in 1987 when she served as a service writer/parts sales for a high-end import auto dealer before becoming one of the first generation of Harley-Davidson Motorclothes managers at a Northwest dealership (1991-2000). From 2002 on, Jennifer has been with Tucker Rocky Distributing. Jennifer has educated the Tucker Rocky sales force and dealers about the powersports apparel business and powersports retailing. Jennifer’s expertise is in powersports retailing, merchandising and display, promotions and in-store marketing. She has lectured and written about powersports retailing and continues to perform dealer educational workshops and seminars across the United States.

Contact: jrobison@tuckerrocky.com
Website: www.tuckerrocky.com 

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