Be thankful for the powersports community this holiday

It is the day before Thanksgiving holiday, there is sentiment I wish to express to the powersports community.

I am Thankful for you!

I am thankful your continued pursuit in seeking information that will benefit you as a retailer,  For sticking with your pursuits of making a living in the powersports industry and for the return, though slow, to a healthier business climate.

I am thankful for the store owners that continually take the risk of operating your businesses.

I am thankful for the dealer staff that makes the customers come first. (I know that retail staff has to work when most people are at play, thank you!)

I am thankful for the manufacturers that bring us great new products consumers want to buy and for technology to improve the safety of the equipment we use to keep us from getting terribly hurt.

I am thankful for all the companies that help us manage our inventories, that provide us with product distribution and for many specialists that help train and lead us to be better business people.

I am thankful for customers that love what we sell and buy it even though they don’t need it!

I am thankful for the organizations that support our industry and sports so we can keep doing it!

And I am thankful for publications and media outlets that help us communicate our messages and keep the information flowing!  It’s a big bunch of people that make our world keep going, don’t forget to be thankful for the powersports community at every level that allows us to do what we need and want to do!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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