Increase your store’s ROI with visual merchandising

Do you know how to influence and guide shopper behavior? Do you know one of a store’s functions is not just to house products, but to drive sales? Is your store a destination? A place I not only to buy what I need, but find products I want.

I bet you did not know that … 40 percent of brands are selected out of store, leaving 60 percent of brand purchase decisions to be made in store! That is a lot of influence from visual merchandising and salesmanship that can change a store’s bottom line.

Don’t underestimate in-store marketing! The Internet has its advantages for some buyers, but customers more often respond to sensory engagement. That is seeing the product, trying the product, touching the product and feedback from people that have used the product. To increase your store’s performance and ROI, good visual merchandising should be a top priority for your store. It’s a new season and new customers and existing ones will be filing in. They are ready to shake off the last week of winter and focus on their powersports dreams.

Implement a WOW factor with your displays and your showroom planning. Think out of the box this season — you only have 3-5 seconds for customers to see and understand your displays. People shop by journey and discovery, so don’t expect people to know about the brand or products you sell. Assume all consumers are seeing these products for the first time! If you’re short on staff, use your suppliers or sales reps to create the WOW factor. Many of them are talented and itching to get creative.

Last nugget: Did you know that 85 percent of all buying decisions are influenced by women?

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