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Aprilia, Moto Guzzi optimistic for 2008

After a successful 2007, both Aprilia and Moto Guzzi plan to see continued success this year. Aprilia USA and Moto Guzzi, both owned by Piaggio Group, plan to expand location and model wise, according to the companies’ press releases.

One addition to Moto Guzzi’s models will be an entry into the adventure touring segment. The company is also releasing a new eight-valve engine.

A model Piaggio expects to debut this quarter is the new SL750 Shiver. The company says the bike has new technological advances, which includes the first in segment application of ride-by-wire throttle control technology.

Last year, Aprilia saw an increase in motorcycle retail unit sales of 29 percent, which was driven by the Tuono 1000 R Factory. Its scooter retail unit sales rose 56 percent during the year period. Like Aprilia, Moto Guzzi also saw an increase in sales with total unit sales up 15 percent.

Piaggio Group Americas President and CEO Paolo Timoni says the successful 2007 year has created excitement and optimism for the 2008 year.

“We had a good year in 2007 increasing retail sales in a market that was declining,” Timoni said in the release. “For 2008 and beyond, it is our mission to continue to build our brand in this country by ensuring that more enthusiasts get the opportunity to feel the joy of riding one.”

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