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PSB 123s: Making the most of out of auctions

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor
November 5, 2012

1. View condition reports. “Make sure you take the time to view the powersport product’s condition reports and photos prior to placing a bid,” said Evan Davidson of ADESA. “It is always helpful to know your budget before you bid on a particular unit, so set a maximum for yourself early on.” 2.... Read more »

PSB 123s: Best or most unique customer touches

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor
October 8, 2012

1. Video emails. “Video emails are very effective tools with both prospects and existing customers,” said Cheryl Pabich of ARI. “When a customer purchases a bike, take the follow-up process up a notch and email them a video of your team thanking them for choosing your dealership. If you have not... Read more »

PSB 123s: Important tasks for a successful salesperson

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor
September 17, 2012

1. Get ready for the game before arriving at work. “A salesperson should, on their drive to work, get their sales game and attitude lit up. They should think of a goal for the day and a plan to achieve it,” advises Steve Lemco, author of “You Gotta-Wanna.” “Getting mentally prepared is always... Read more »

PSB 123s: Increasing PG&A efficiency

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor
August 6, 2012

1. Measure employee production. “Track all measures of employee production: average ticket, count of tickets, gross margin percentage, discounted tickets and parts sold below cost,” advised Hal Ethington of ADP Lightspeed. “This is the start of the profit process, and if profit can’t make it... Read more »

PSB 123s: Important tasks for a successful service writer

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor
July 9, 2012

1. Call customers the day before. “At the end of the day, before the service writer leaves, I like to have the service writer call the customers that have service appointments for the next day and remind them that they have an appointment for whatever time the next day,” said Greg Schneider of Spader... Read more »

PSB 123s: How to use video to sell

812News-123s RideNow Video 2

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor
June 11, 2012

1. Use adequate lighting and microphones. “If you are filming someone presenting indoors, be sure to use adequate lighting and microphones,” said the video team from Icon Motosports. “If the customer can’t see what you are selling, you might as well not make a video. Same goes if they can’t... Read more »

PSB 123s: Events every dealer should host or attend

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor
May 21, 2012

1. Flash sales promoted on your website. “With more and more consumers buying parts, accessories and garments online, you can promote your website with a flash sale,” said Brad Smith of ARI. “Sale prices are good only for one day or for a few hours on a given day. Make sure that you send out an... Read more »

PSB 123s: Increase service department profits

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor
April 30, 2012

1. Promote your service operation. “Do you market your service department and your service specialties? Doing this will create increased labor sales opportunities,” said Steve Jones of Gart Sutton & Associates. “Mention service in all your ads: ‘Factory-trained technicians,’ ‘We service... Read more »

PSB 123s: Important steps for a successful GM

Liz Hochstedler, Associate Editor
April 2, 2012

1.Walk the floor. Make sure customers are being greeted, and phones are answered correctly and timely, says Amanda Blackstone of The Butler Group Atlanta, LLC. Make sure displays are current and organized, promotions are displayed and current and units are clean. Check that employees are adequately covered,... Read more »

PSB 123s: Increasing pre-owned profit

March 12, 2012

1. Use wholesale auctions to buy. “To help manage your used bike inventory, make use of one or more of the dealer-only powersports auctions,” advised Ricky Beggs of Black Book. “Trade-ins and buying off the street are great, but the auctions will give you access to a wider variety of units and... Read more »

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