AMA proposes new sound level standards for events

The American Motorcyclist Association is proposing to reduce the sound levels at professional and amateur motorcycle racing events nationwide.

The new rules would apply to AMA-sanctioned Supercross, motocross and all-terrain vehicle closed-course competition events on the professional and amateur levels.

The AMA’s Racing and Rights committees will ask the Rules Committee for all professional AMA racing disciplines to pass the sound level standards this year so race teams and manufacturers have time to prepare for the 2008 season. The committees also will propose the same standards to the AMA Congress, which writes the rules for amateur motorcycle racing.

Currently, motorcycles in closed-course AMA-sanctioned motorcycle competition must meet sound limits of 99 decibels, measured 20 inches from a motorcycle’s exhaust outlet. The proposed plan calls for reducing the allowable standard to 98 decibels for 2008, 97 decibels for 2009 and 96 decibels for 2010.

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