Polaris Taps Orbital for Direct Injection Technology

Polaris Industries Inc. has entered into a licensing agreement to manufacture certain products utilizing air assisted direct injection (OCP) technology from Orbital Corporation Limited, Perth, Australia.
Orbital says the Polaris license agreement is significant because it opens up fresh commercial applications for its technology beyond traditional lines in the automotive, outboard engine and motorcycles sectors.
“Polaris is a very good licensee for Orbital given its strong presence in the recreational market,” said Orbital Chief Executive Officer Dr. Rod Houston. “The license agreement is quite wide-ranging in its potential product applications and could lead to a number of new products utilizing air assist DI with associated royalty revenue streams.”
Orbital is an international developer of engine and related technologies, providing research, design and development services for producers of powertrains and engine management systems for application in motorcycles, marine and recreational vehicles, automobiles and trucks.
Orbital’s principal operations in Perth, Western Australia, provide a facility with capabilities in design, manufacturing, development and testing of engines and powertrains.
“Emission controls are becoming tighter for a wide range of motorised vehicles and our technology delivers the required environmental effect along with technical excellence and commercial benefit,” Dr. Houston said.

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