Schwarzenegger Not Licensed

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger did not have the proper motorcycle endorsement on his California driver's license when he collided with a car in his Brentwood neighborhood last weekend, the Los Angeles Police Department said.
Schwarzenegger, accompanied by his 12-year-old son, was operating a sidecar-equipped Harley-Davidson when involved in the collision that left him with 15 stitches in his upper lip.
Although Los Angeles police said the governor broke the law when he drove the bike without a motorcycle license, "We have no way of citing someone we did not observe driving," a police spokeswoman told the Associated Press.
Police referred their findings to the Los Angeles city attorney's office, which said prosecutors decided not to get involved because the incident was a minor matter that would have resulted in no more than a traffic ticket.
In 2001, Schwarzenegger broke six ribs in a crash that sent him to the hospital for four days.
To get a motorcycle endorsement in California, a rider must pass a Department of Motor Vehicle skills test or take a motorcycle training course from a program approved by the California Highway Patrol. Driving a motorcycle without the proper license is an infraction that can result in fines ranging from $100 to $250 or more.

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