Joe Rocket Counterfeiters Busted

U.S. Marshals, attorneys, a locksmith and a representative of the Joe Rocket apparel brand recently converged on a San Diego storage facility and seized counterfeit products.
The raid stemmed from a federal lawsuit that Randy Robison, president of Robison’s Inc., filed against suspected counterfeiters before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California. Robison’s, Inc. is the owner of the Joe Rocket brand.
The court immediately ordered a seizure of the counterfeit jackets, which had the Joe Rocket logo, and issued a temporary restraining order against the counterfeiters. The storage facility location was found with the assistance of a private investigator.
“Our brand is our livelihood and there is no way I will allow it to be stolen, misused and outright desecrated like this,” Robison said. “Perhaps the scariest thing is that persons unknowingly may have thought they were purchasing a genuine piece of Joe Rocket apparel equipped with the many features that our technology affords.
“I want our Joe Rocket customers and our dealer network to know that we will not allow our brand name to be compromised whatsoever.”

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