Honda, Suzuki Lead Japan’s November Cycle Production

Japan's motorcycle manufacturers produced 166,626 units in November, up 1,136 units or 0.7% compared to the 165,480 units produced during the same period last year, according to the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).
JAMA said Honda produced 53,607 units, up from 44,715; Kawasaki produced 25,532 units, up from 24,251; Suzuki produced 44,197 units, up 41,769; and Yamaha produced 43,240 units, down from 54,713.
The four manufacturers produced 1,630,307 units during the 11-month period from January 2005 through November 2005, up from 1,569,761 units for the same period in 2004.
Honda produced 541,791 units during the first 11 months of the year, up from 517,057 in 2004; Kawasaki produced 215,632 units, up from 197,354; Suzuki produced 444,826 units, up from 352,292; and Yamaha produced 427,666 units, down from 502,714.
JAMA said the four manufacturers exported a total of 125,179 units worldwide during the month, up 4,333 units or 3.6% compared to the export of 120,846 units during November 2004. The trade organization said 62,450 units were exported to the U.S. during November 2005, up from 51,264 units during November 2004.
Total value of all motorcycles exported for November 2005 was $703.41 million - including $599.50 million for vehicles and $103.91 million for parts - an increase of $111.27 million or 18.8% compared with a value of $592.14 million for the same month of the previous year.

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