Nova Signs with Blue Sky Investor Relations

Nova Communications, Ltd., the Reno-based parent company of AquaXtremes, manufacturer of the X-Board watercraft, has appointed Blue-Sky Solutions, LLC, as its investor relations firm.
Nova Communications Ltd. is a publicly traded company on the OTCBB (NVAC). NVAC also owns Nacio, a web hosting and development company; and XtremeEngines, manufacturer of engines for the X-Board and other light craft.
Art Robins is CEO of NVAC. “Growing interest and recent significant developments within NVAC have made the implementation of a comprehensive communications plan essential for the company,” NVAC said in a prepared statement. “NVAC feels that the retention of Blue-Sky Solutions is critical in its ongoing commitment to shareholder awareness and will greatly improve the flow of information from the company to the public.”
“We look forward to communicating their message, raising investor awareness and assisting in shareholder outreach,” said Stephanie Soleas, IR Rep, Blue-Sky Solutions, LLC.

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