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Big Dog Outgrowing Facility?

Big Dog Motorcycle founder and owner Sheldon Coleman Jr. has purchased 106 acres in northeast Wichita that may become the site for a new Big Dog Motorcycles plant.
Big Dog has about two years of growth left in the 175,000 sq. feet it currently inhabits, and already has some production and warehousing off site.
The company expects to make 5,700 motorcycles this year, 27% more than in 2004, and now employs about 340 people. Coleman told the Wichita Eagle newspaper he will move the plant if the company continues its spectacular growth.
Coleman told the paper he envisions a spacious campus-style complex as a new facility. The site would have a factory, offices, warehouse, a museum and training center.
Big Dog makes a line of five cruisers which cost between $24,000 and $30,000.

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