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Harley sues UK retailer over trademark infringement

Harley-Davidson is suing UK clothing retailer Next for what it alleges is a ripoff of its logo on one of the clothing company’s t-shirt designs. The Motor Company has continued its aggressive stance against anyone attempting a copycat logo of its trademarked brand.

Harley is suing one of the UK’s biggest retailers for trademark infringement on one of the retailer’s kids’ T-shirts.

Harley has won several trademark battles in recent years. The company’s annual report stated that it has a program to “vigorously defend” its trademark worldwide. The enforcement program is in place to strengthen the brand’s value and prevent the unauthorized use of its logo.

In a lawsuit filed last month, Harley-Davidson alleges that the piece basically replicates the outline of its logo and also features graphic material and text which is commonly seen in the context of its motorcycle-based branding. Harley says the allegations underscore the seriousness of the trademark infringement.

According to a news report, Harley-Davidson says the design increases the likelihood of confusion among the average consumer. Next’s website states that the t-shirt in question is available for kids ages 3 to 16 and retails between £6 and £ 8.50 ($11).

In its legal claim, Harley-Davidson seeks a declaration of trademark infringement and for Next to destroy all infringing materials.

Next is one of the UK’s biggest fashion brands, selling its own clothing label and several third-party brands.

Sources: Financial Times, Retail Boss

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