Best-In-Class – Used Unit Sales: Logan Motorcycles

In 2021, when many dealers were challenged with new-unit inventory, Logan Motorcycle Sales began to focus on its pre-owned inventory to give customers a wide selection of products. The dealership turned to Facebook Marketplace to purchase used units.

“We use online sources, but customers are the best source,” said Thomas “Smokey” Armstrong, Logan’s general manager. “We find those customers off of Facebook.”

Armstrong worked during the evening to talk to sellers and settle on a price. The dealership would then pick up used units, and then go they would go through the service department and make any repairs before putting a vehicle on the lot and online, both on the website and Facebook. The dealership has increased its pre-owned inventory for a few years now, making an average of a 17.8 percent margin.

Powersports Business awards Logan Motorsports the Best-In-Class- Used Unit Sales at the 2022 Accelerate Conference.

“You have to take a lot of things into consideration,” said Armstrong, “including what you pay for it, how much time and money to recondition it, plus the storage. We sell Honda, Yamaha, and CFMoto, so we’re finding ourselves buying other side-by-sides. The majority of pre-owned sales come from the UTV side. We’re buying more side-by-sides than ATVs and dirt bikes.”

For 2023, Armstrong says that Logan will continue some growth, but not from all vehicles. “I think that with Honda preowned side-by-sides we’re probably going to see 10 percent growth. And that’s a safe number on side-by-sides and ATVs with Honda. The rest of the manufacturers I believe will level out, just because of the availability of new vehicles.”