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Dealership spreads buzzing with activity at Spring Creek MX

Like the kids playing in the refreshing Spring Creek, you can always count on Larson’s Cycle Center and Vaith Motorsports to have supreme setups at Millville during the Lucas Oil Pro National.

Powersports Business content director Dave McMahon went to where the content resided in Minnesota on Saturday, having a grand old time at the Frescados Tortillas Spring Creek National. We also checked in with the Thor rig and saw plenty of folks checking out the nearby Intense Tazer electric mountain bike that’s only available at Parts Unlimited dealership partners.

We caught up with both Larson’s and Vaith and will share their Millville stories in an upcoming edition of the print magazine. For now, some photos and video are below as well as on our IG Story. And we’ll look forward to running into the rest of you next month at the Parts NVP in Madison.

Spring Creek MX Park was as crowded as ever on Saturday with fans eager to see the live action at one of the most dynamic tracks in the sport.

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