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John Deere donates Special Application Vehicles

John Deere is proud to be celebrating community heroes by launching a new line of Special Application Vehicles (SAV) to suit the needs of federal, state, and local governments, as well as first responders.

The custom line of utility vehicles was designed in conjunction with International Automated Systems (IAS) and addresses the unique needs of police, fire, rescue, and security personnel, as well as the broader needs of governmental customers. In a year where our reliance on community heroes has been amplified, John Deere wants to say “thank you” to those who have worked to help keep us safe.

John Deere will be donating three Special Application Vehicles to local organizations who not only help keep the John Deere Classic running smoothly but help keep our communities safe. Specifically, John Deere will gift the units to Unity Point Health, Silvis Police Department, and Silvis Fire Department for their tireless efforts year after year.

The EMT vehicle for Unity Point Health features an extended cargo bed designed to accommodate various full-length stretchers with an integrated L-Track for secure transport. Additionally, this SAV features an emergency lighting package, a forward-facing attendant seat with direct patient access and an integrated vehicle Occupant Protection System (OPS) to ensure the safety of all on-board passengers.

The four passenger Police Vehicle for Silvis Police Department comes equipped with a fully enclosed Tektite HVAC cab, cargo bed, TOMAR emergency lighting suite, siren, and PA.

The Silvis Fire Department vehicle features a uniquely designed extended cargo bed. The front of the bed houses a QTAC fire suppression skid while the rear of the bed allows for additional firefighting gear and equipment.  Additionally, the Fire SAV comes equipped with emergency lighting and heavy-duty winch.

All three of the Special Application Vehicles were on display at the John Deere Classic from July 5-12.  On July 7, a ceremonial “handing over of the keys” took place at TPC Deere Run.

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